WSCC-16 profile 2 – Ross Barr

ICA Championships High-Road-goldRoss is making his international début for Ireland at Karlstad, so it’s his turn under the spotlight!

Name –  Ross Barr
Age –   61
Occupation? –  Retired
Where is home? – Balmore, Glasgow

Who would play you in a movie of your life? – Daniel Craig.

Your best quality? –  Sense of humour.

And your worst? –  Sense of humour.

Top of your wish list? – Win the World Seniors.

On a day off we’ll find you? – Swimming, Climbing, Golfing.

Starstruck moment? – Mixed Doubles  with Jackie Lockhart.

Your coffee order? – Americano.

Where would you time travel to? – Wembley, 29 April 1967, England 2, Scotland 3.

What do you like spending money on? –  Flowers for Alison (actually my car!).

Most underrated virtue? – Team bonding.

Celebrity crush? – Sue Barker.

Philosophy of life? –  Who dares wins.

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