WSCC-16 profile 4 – Neil Fyfe

IMG_3046Plod’s going to be a very, very busy Irishman for the next 10 days as he’s playing in the World Mixed Doubles with daughter Alison as well as standing by as fifth man for the senior team:

Name –  Neil Fyfe
Age – 54
Occupation? – Police Sergeant (soon to retire – so will be looking for another job soon)
Where is home? – Portpatrick

Who would play you in a movie of your life? –  Nobody could be that boring!

Your best quality? –  Honesty

And your worst? – Where do I start??!! Brutally honest for starters…………………

Top of your wish list? – For my kids to be happy and healthy – and I’d also like to travel abroad a lot more than I have done so far in life

On a day off we’ll find you? – In the car – travelling somewhere

Starstruck moment? – Don’t do that – well not yet anyway (though it’s always pretty special being in JJK’s company)

Your coffee order? – Don’t drink tea or coffee (I used to tell people this was for religious reasons – but anyone that knows me knows that is a total lie!)

Where would you time travel to? – I’m quite happy where I am – thanks

What do you like spending money on? –  Apart from curling trips abroad -my kids (the word ‘like’ is probably too strong  – but I suspect that’s where most of it will disappear for the next few years)

Most underrated virtue? – I haven’t a clue! Ask somebody else (but not Bill Gray)

Celebrity crush? – Nobody really.

Philosophy of life? –  Its changed a lot recently – ‘enjoy the moment as you have no idea what is around the corner’ is probably fairly current

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