WSCC 2016 – game 8

Ireland 7 – Japan 6WSCC2016-IRLvJAP-score

Fourth - Kenji Komoda (Skip) Third - Hideyuki Sato (Vice-skip) Second - Hisashi Ikuta Lead - Takashi Koyanagi

Fourth – Kenji Komoda (Skip)
Third – Hideyuki Sato (Vice-skip)
Second – Hisashi Ikuta
Lead – Takashi Koyanagi

The Irish Senior Men’s team, skipped by Peter Wilson, played Japan today in their final round robin game of the World Senior Curling Championships in Karlstad, Sweden.

This was a close fought match with the Japanese leading 4-2 at half time and then the Irish coming back with a 1 in the 5th end and a steal of a 3 in the sixth. Japan fought back in the next two ends resulting in an extra end won by Ireland.

Coach Gordon said: “Pete had to play a great shot to win this in an extra end.

The view from the coaches' bench

The view from the coaches’ bench

1st End – lying 2, but Pete put his first draw through, the Japanese skip, Komoda,  then wrecked on a guard, allowing Pete to draw to lie 3. Komoda, drawing against 3 but was third shot so Ireland  steal 2. 2-0
2nd End –   after an exchange of  shots,  and a couple of hit and rolls that rolled  a little too far, Komoda drew for his 2. 2-2
3rd End – Pete had to draw against 2 behind the teeline with first stone, Komoda followed this with a draw to lie shot. Things were very tight around button by this time. Pete’s last draw  had a wee bit too much running on it and Japan stole 1. 2-3
4th End – Japan were playing really well now and stole another 1.
5th End – Pete was left with an open draw to take a 1. 3-4.
6th End – Things were looking better for Ireland this time with stones in play, forcing Japan to come out and attack. Komoda was facing 3 with first stone. He hit and rolled out to leave 2 Irish stones sitting, and Pete drew to lie 3 – without last stone. Komoda, going against 3, was too heavy and Ireland stole a big three to take the score to 6-4.
7th End –  Ireland on the defensive with hits, Pete to draw to empty house behind guard. The shot was sitting out a little forcing Japan to hit and stay. 6-5.
8th End –  Plan was to keep this end tidy and open at the front 12 foot. With his first stone Pete drew to the tee lying  open. Komoda played a good freeze onto Pete’s stone. Pete has to follow but the stone was a little underswept and the game went into the extra end tied at 6-6.
9th End – At the death Japan were lying shot and guarded, forcing Pete to draw the shot under pressure. Which he duly did. 7-6 win for Ireland..
A great shot to win the game.”

This puts Ireland through to the next stage – qualifier / quarter finals depending on rankings – well done.

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