WCF announce sweeping summit’s main players

Ottawa, Canada – The World Curling Federation has confirmed the participants that will take part in the Sweeping Summit 2016, that begins today (Tuesday 24 April), near Ottawa, Canada.

Elite athletes from the WCF’s three zonal regions – Americas, Europe and Pacific-Asia – and representing the main curling equipment manufacturers will be present along with senior WCF officials and curling professionals. The WCF has also recruited the National Research Council of Canada, who will provide unbiased scientific analysis and testing over the coming days to ensure well informed decisions are made.

As well as some of the world’s top sweepers, two elite level skips will play a part in the Summit. The sweepers are Canada’s Ben Hebert, Marc Kennedy, Nolan Thiessen (all Balance Plus), Emma Miskew (Goldline) and Mark Nichols; USA’s Matt Hamilton (both Hardline); Japan’s Kosuke Morozumi (Balance Plus); Christine Urech (Asham) of Switzerland and Håvard Vad Petersson (Goldline) of Norway. These athletes’ experience in the sport is vast, sharing 21 Olympic and World Curling Championship medals between them.

They will be joined by two times World Men’s Curling champion and 2014 Olympic bronze medallist, Niklas Edin (Goldline) and 2006 Olympic Gold medallist, Brad Gushue (Hardline).

From the World Curling Federation, Vice-Presidents Graham Prouse (Americas), Bent Ramsfjell (Europe) and Hugh Millikin (Pacific-Asia) will take part, with Millikin chairing the proceedings. Also, Director of Competitions and Development, Keith Wendorf, the WCF’s technical adviser, Leif Ohman, and chair of the Athletes’ Commission, Anne Swisshelm will be involved.

From Curling Canada, is Director of Curling Club Development and Championship Services, Danny Lameroux and High Performance Director, Garry Peckham. Finally, Fredrik Lindberg, coach and team leader of the Swedish men’s team and Jon Mead, chair of the World Curling Players Association will be in Ottawa taking part in the Summit.

During the Summit the results of the World Curling Federation’s recent Sweeping Survey – a public survey, which heard the views of any interested parties – will be passed to the participants. With around 5,000 submissions those who took the survey were clear on the following points:

  • A curling shot is more about the thrower than the sweepers
  • Sweeping in curling is not meant for slowing down a stone or backing it up

After the Summit new regulations will be proposed for approval by the WCF Members at the WCF’s Annual General Assembly – to be held in September in Stockholm, Sweden. More information will be published about the decisions reached and the next steps of the process at the conclusion of the Sweeping Summit on Friday (27 May).

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