World Mixed profile 2 – Bill Gray

10257733_1024462894261880_6249122666796938499_oHere’s the inside story on our mixed  skipper Bill – who still has the same hairstyle 56 year on….
Name? – Bill Gray
Age? – Plenty
Occupation? – Part farmer, part curler
The unlikely interest that engages your curiosity? – Floodlit indoor Camogie
What’s your guiltiest pleasure? – A Mars bar
What is your favourite word? – Unprintable ! Take your pick from a few…..
What’s your biggest fear? – having to give up playing sport/ having to skip Eoin in an early morning 4 Nations match – sorry Eoin!!
Last gig you went to? – Jools Holland in Glasgow last year; pure dead brilliant
The film you can watch time and time again? – Gmac’s video from Tarnby for the 2012 World Seniors Gold medal – so much going on at the end you just have to watch it over and over and over…………”he’s heavy…..he’s THROUGH”…. etc etc
What are you best at? – amusing profile answers? Yeah okay; not even that!
The sport you won’t watch? – Floodlit Indoor Camogie – it’s not on the telly or doesn’t exist; not sure which.

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