Worls Mixed profile 3 – Jacqui Davidson

jacqui-pictureNewly-wed Jacqui is making her international debut for Ireland at the World Mixed, playing with dad Ross, so let’s find out a bit about the team rookie :
Name? – Jacqui Davidson
Age? – 30
Occupation? – Chartered Accountant
Status? – Newly married
Years curling? – Fourth year curling
Home club and ice rink? – Bearsden; Braehead Curling Rink
Favourite sport outside curling:
To watch? – Road cycling
To play? – Mountain biking and Trail Running
Who would you really like to meet? – Ulei Steck; Swiss mountaineer renowned for his speed climbing. I have seen a number of his climbing films and his passion and drive for what he does is inspiring.
Favourite TV programme? – Made in Chelsea (guilty pleasure)
Favourite holiday destination and why? – Italy for the good food, good wine and the stunning scenery. I love going on an adventure holiday, there is nothing better than a big day out followed by a well-earned meal in the evening.
Favourite other Irish curler and why? – I would have to say my Dad. Not only for winning the bronze medal at this year’s World Senior Championships, but for the support and encouragement that he has given me which has led me to this exciting opportunity to be part of the Irish Mixed Team!
You can save one prized possession. What is it? – My mountain bike! I brought it back from Canada last year and I have had some great adventures with it – including my honeymoon.
Who would you choose to be marooned on a desert island with? – Bradley Cooper.
Sum yourself up in five words – Happy, enthusiastic, determined, stubborn and fun.

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