Mixed Doubles – day 2

The ICA Mixed Doubles is  to be a best-of-three challenge between Mitchell & Sweeney- Baird and Fyfe & Fyfe, with one win on the board for the Fyfes.


Session 3 – Fyfe/Fyfe 9 Barr/Barr 1; Mitchell/Sweeney-Baird 7 Whyte/Anderson 4

Session 4 – Fyfe/Fyfe 8 Mitchell/Sweeney-Baird 4; Whtye/Anderson 4 McCrossan/Ward 10

Session 5 – Fyfe/Fyfe 8 Whyte/Anderson 3; McCrossan/Ward 10 Barr/Barr 5

So, Alan and Margarita and Neil and Alison will play each other again at 9.30am on Sunday. If the Fyfes win, they are champions again, if Alan and Margarita win it goes to a decider.

image1Some Swedes and Canadians were also in Dumfries today……..

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