Blast from the past – original members

From time to time it’s interesting to look through the old ICA archives, compiled by Jane Paterson. Before the digital age overtook us all, printed photos of ICA events were filed away by Jane and this particular photo takes us back to the very beginning and the members of the Northern Ireland Curling Association which existed briefly before it was decided to make the association inclusive of the Four Provinces of Ireland.

The date is unknown but perhaps some of those young things from the north in the photograph could get in touch and fill us in?

So, from left to right  we have РJohn Burns, Tony Tierney, Jim Winning, Liz Knox, Fiona Turnbull, Gordon McIntyre, Susan Scotland and Carolyn Hibberd.

2 thoughts on “Blast from the past – original members

  1. Hi Louise,,
    In response to your request about the picture of ourselves with the Ulster flag.
    I remember the day well-we played against Wales-a Ladies and a .Men’s team -both Ulster teams won and the date was the 19th March ,1994-on our green caps!
    We played at Lockerbie Ice Rink.
    Sue Scotland

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