Euro C profile – John Furey

John Furey has been representing Ireland since 2004 and has answered every question I could think of. However, his Euro teammates still had a few things to ask him……..

John when he had hair…..

The Furey Five!

Name – John Furey
Age – Senior curler (available for requests)
Occupation – MOL (man of leisure)
Red or yellow handles – red or dead
Last time you had a haircut – every two days
Any pre-game routines – a PGJ
Favourite WCF tournament you’ve participated in?  – World Mixed Doubles  with Louise (at Dumfries 2014)
Favourite ICA calendar event?  Senior mens  championships
Any remaining curling goals to accomplish? 100 caps (currently on 57)
Who is your ICA dream team? The Furey Five……….
Favourite place you’ve ever lived? – Tampere, Finland
Best non curling sporting achievement? – runner up Scottish Junior Scottish chess champion

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