Trees required and happy days

Any trees ready out there?

You can only enter via e-mail folks, that’s because we like to guess who the tree belongs to when we see it. Only after the judge has chosen the winner are the tree decorators revealed.

Bil, David, PJ, Ron, Neil and John

Also, I found these pictures of the visit of the Irish men to the winter wonderland of Ornskoldsvik, Northern Sweden, 10 years ago this very week for the 2008 European Championships. Ireland were in the A Division that year and represented by PJ Wilson, Bill Gray, Neil Fyfe, John Furey and David Smith with coach Ron Myers and Chef de Mission me.

Who can forget the day we climbed the security fence and scaled the ski jump and then, on the morning of our departure, the sight of David Smith emptying the entire contents of his bag onto the frozen wastes of the train station looking for his passport.

“It’s in here somewhere…..”

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