Four Nations – Ireland v Scotland

Mixed game 1 – Ireland 6 Scotland 6

Mixed game 2 – Ireland 6 Scotland 8

Ireland retained the Marshall Millennium Trophy at the Flower Bowl in Preston this afternoon with a 28-26 shots victory over Scotland.

Ross, Gillian, Louise and Johnjo
Green on green
Alison F, Bill, John and Alison B

Going in to the last session, Ireland held a four shot advantage and they were all needed as the two Scottish mixed teams put up a spirited fightback to try to wrestle the prize away. Bill Gray, Alison Fyfe, John Burns and Alison Barr lost a very close game by two shots and, on the adjoining sheet, Johnjo Kenny, Louise Kerr, Ross Barr and Gillian Russell managed to keep enough shots on the board to secure Ireland’s overall victory. Johnjo executed a nerveless take out on the last Scottish shot stone to ensure Ireland got a one in the last end to peel the game.

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