C Division round-up

As our Irish men and women head home from Romania, here are a few more of the excellent photos taken by the WCF’s professional photographers.

The Irish teams. Photo credit WCF.
James with the opposition skip. Photo credit WCF.
Jacqui and Katie sweep hard. Photo credit WCF.
Jacqui in action. Photo credit WCF.
Jen concentrates on the line. Photo credit WCF.
James the lefty. Photo credit WCF.
James watches his stone head for its target. Photo credit WCF.
The men’s team are ready for action. Photo credit WCF.

It’s a changing of the guard time, as the C Division teams head home, the Irish men’s senior team – Bill Gray, David Whyte, Neil Fyfe and Ross Barr – and the Irish Mixed Doubles team – John Wilson and Louise Kerr – are heading to Stavanger tomorrow to represent Ireland in their respective world championships.

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