A great angled tap out of England’s shot stone by JJ at the second end sealed a three and put Ireland in the driving seat against John Brown and co. Johnjo could only see a sliver of his own stone to hit onto the shot but he played a nice quiet weight and the sweepers looked after it well.

England looked to hit back in the fourth but Johnjo shut the door with a double with his last to snuff that out.

World Senior Curling Championships 2022, Geneva, Switzerland

The Irish looked in all sorts of trouble in the sixth after missed take outs but a wonderful draw behind cover by the skip left John Brown and company calling a time out. Their only option was raising their own stone just out side of the rings on the centre line back at an angle to remove the Irish stone but that didn’t come off Ireland stole a one. In the seventh end JJ played a straight back raise to replace the English shot and guard it and he then drew a third shot behind a wall of cover to leave John B a draw through a port to the pot-lid but it was “right through” the rings and handshakes and fist bumps were offered.

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