Women now on two wins and two losses

THE Irish women lost to Scotland yesterday afternoon but then had to regroup early this morning to grind out an extra end victory over Finland.

Against the Scottish women, the loss of a four was the turning point in a game that saw both teams get into a hitting contest over the first three ends. But after the four, Ireland just got one more shot before the Scots scores a two and a three in the seventh.

This morning against the Finns, the Irish seemed to be in a good position towards the end of the game but the Finnish skip, Tiina Julkunen played some terrific shots under pressure to keep her team alive and it all came down to an extra end. This time skip Tiina missed her draw with her first stone, and as Ireland were lying two, Irish skip Dale didn’t need to play her last stone.

The women play Latvia tomorrow afternoon at 4pm Korean time. The women are currently joint third in the group on two wins and two losses.

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