100 Club

100 clubThe ICA currently operate a 100 club to raise funds. There are six draws made throughout the season with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes available to win at each draw. The cost for a number is £12 for the season. The more numbers sold, the bigger the cash prizes.The profits of the 100 Club will be reinvested into club events and our international teams, so your generous support will be very welcome.

The tickets are available annually around mid October, and are usually offered at the ICA Opening Bonspiel or direct from the 100 Club co-ordinator, Steve Callan. The draw and prize pay outs will be as follows:

Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb : 1st prize 4% (£48) 2nd prize 2.5% (£30) 3rd prize 1% (£12)
March : 1st prize  6% (£72) 2nd prize 4.5% (£54) 3rd prize 2% (£24)

NB: the prizes quoted above assume ALL 100 tickets are sold otherwise prize money is calculated on a pro-rata. basis of the actual members at the time of the draw.