Christmas Cracker Virtual Bonspiel

🌟🎄Sign up for the ICA Christmas Cracker – Our second Virtual Bonspiel, held from 11th-13th December!🎄🌟

We had a great turnout of 24 players last time – and this time, there are prizes!
If you’re interested in signing up please send us a message on Facebook, or send an email to

Entries close on Wednesday 9th December.

Membership Feedback Survey

We, your committee, like to think that we are approachable and know the mood of our members. One of the key areas of our development plan is the membership offering and so we have put together a short survey to ensure that was the case and to hear your ideas for reinforcing and growing our membership.

Please answer as honestly as possible and only say you are interested in events if you really are and will travel to support such. Also please take the time to explain if required or add suggestions at the end.

We will close the survey on Sunday 9th August to allow some time to review at our next committee meeting. This was sent to all members by email on 27th July – if you haven’t received it please check your junk mail and reach out if we have missed you somehow!

Virtual Bonsiel gets underway …

We have 24 competitors from the ICA and beyond ‘taking to the ice’, but not as we know it, this weekend in the first-ever ICA Virtual Bonspiel. The bank holiday and lockdown fever provided the perfect combination to arrange something substantial to entertain both members and supporters with a taste of the game we all know and love.

The triple knockout format with 4 end games will kick off on Friday morning with competitors being given timeslots to complete their games in. All 8 qualifiers from this will then proceed to the quarter-finals on Sunday 10th May with the champion being crowned at some point on Sunday afternoon.

You can keep track of the draw here and there will be daily summaries on social media throughout the event.

Draw 1: To be played before 11am on Friday 8th May

  • Ross Barr v Frances Whyte
  • Jen Ward v Maggie Wilson
  • John Wilson v Christine Furey
  • JJ Kenny v Kyle Paradis
  • Alison Barr v Eoin McCrosan
  • Niamh Begley v Gillian Russell
  • Iain Wallace v Bill Gray
  • Arran Cameron v Mike Spain

Good luck and good curling!

Irish Virtual Bonspiel

If you are missing the game we know and love as much as we are, then why not join us next weekend for a virtual bonspiel via The tournament format will be determined by the number of entries but we hope to give competitions more than one game to pit themselves against other curlers.

All entries should be made through the ICA facebook page or through the email address giving your FlyOrDie username if you have one. All games will take place from Friday 8th May to Sunday 10th May and will be 4 ends long. Get practising!

ICA Winter Bonspiel 2019

Festive spirit abounded in Stirling yesterday as 16 curlers took to the ice for the Winter Bonspiel. Eoin McCrossan skipped his team of John Burns, Niamh Begly and Eleanor Burns to an 8-6 win over Arran Cameron, Paul Cromey, special guest Shelagh Fulton and Kerianne Cox. An aggressive approach was adopted by both skips with plenty of stones in play, the game turned with an excellently judged runback for 4 made by the McCrossan team.

Winners: Frances, David, Margarita & Sue

Victory overall however went to the team of David Hume, Margarita Sweeney-Baird, Sue Scotland and Frances Donald who pipped Ian Donald, Dave McHale, Isla Kinnear and Maria O’Neill. David raced out into a 7-1 lead before a huge score of 4 brought everything into play. David and team held their nerve and scored a single point in the final end for a winning score of 8-5.

David thanked his team for their efforts and to all those who had made the trip out. Special mention must go firstly to Sue Scotland and her amazingly festive reindeer bonnet and secondly to Frances Donald who provided tasty chocolate treats to all, which definitely made all the difference in those fully swept shots.

Dublin, here we come …

The Irish Curling Association received an early Christmas present recently with the news that following extensive discussions with South Dublin on Ice, we have secured ice in Ireland to promote curling.

The event, which will be held on the temporary ice rink created this winter at Tallaght Stadium in Dublin on 16/17 January 2019. We have been assisted by the World Curling Federation using their Development Assistance Programme (DAP) funding.

The event is not only approved by the World Curling Federation, but also incorporated into its Olympic Celebration Tour. Which allows the ICA to get the curling message into schools in the Tallaght area of Dublin as well. Having this status means Olympic curlers Anna Sloan and Michael Goodfellow and qualified coaches will travel to Ireland to raise awareness and be on the ice to assist anyone interested in trying the sport – adults, children and wheelchair users.

Several members of the ICA including Johnjo Kenny and David Whyte will also be there to assist with the come and try sessions and take part in a demonstration game.
This is very exciting news as it could open the door to the ICA’s primary aim – a permanent curling facility in Ireland.

The ice rink at Tallaght is only temporary, but with other ice sports such as skating and ice hockey also looking for a home, raising awareness and creating a demand is paramount.

An ICA sub-committee has been working hard behind the scenes to get the event organised. Stones need to be taken over and the ice prepared. The logistics of equipment, transport, marketing and accommodation are well advanced and online booking of come & try sessions is now available.

Come & Try Event

ICA President David Whyte said:

“This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase curling as we seek to develop closer relations with other winter sports, the public sector and commercial enterprises. We aspire to establish the sport of curling in Ireland and increase the membership if the ICA.
“Our thanks go to the World Curling Federation whose support will help us promote the event, as well as giving the visit the kudos of an ‘Olympic Celebration Tour’ event, which automatically involves curlers who have taken part in past Winter Olympic Games. This will give the event priceless publicity with the Irish media.
“All we need now are people to register for a session via our website and then come along to Tallaght and try curling.
“I love curling and I just want others to try it and hopefully get the same enjoyment out of the sport as I do.”

ICA Retain the Belfast Medal

On Wednesday evening (5th December 2018) at Greenacres Curling Rink, two teams of Irish Curlers competed against Ardrossan Castle Curling Club in the annual match for the Belfast Medal. The contest is always looked forward to and was played in good spirit on lovely, keen, swinging ice.

Team 1– Neil Fyfe (skip), Jim Winning, Carolyn Hibberd ,Margarita Sweeney- Baird settled quickly and maintained the lead throughout the game. Some spectacular shots from the skip left the opposition scratching their heads and wondering what they could possibly try next! Final score was 11-2.

Team 2– Martin Sutherland (Skip), Christine Furey, Gilly Drury, Clare McCormick had a closer battle to begin with but after scoring 3 at the 3rd end, they settled into a winning streak. Never write off opposition skip Donny Shedden however, who had a chance of scoring 5 at the last end to even the game. Sighs of relief from the Irish as his attempt just failed. Final score was 8-4.

Following the game, tea/ coffee and sandwiches were enjoyed by both squads and an enjoyable hour was spent in each other’s company.

Thank you to the members who took part. We are looking forward to defending the trophy next year.

We are hugely appreciative that Ardrossan Castle continue to contest this fixture – first played as far back as 1861 when the prize was a RCCC medal struck for the Belfast Curling Club. The medal was originally played for between Belfast Union and RCCC. The teams now contest the beautiful wooden trophy fashioned by Ardrossan curler Donnie Sheddon for the fixture.

This friendly annual event, was revived by the ICA in 1994 but was first played in 1861. Originally we hoped to play it alternating between Irish and Scottish ice rinks, however we cannot provide ice time in Ireland at the moment.

This annual competition format is for two teams from each club playing a single eight end game each and the aggregate score across the two rinks determines the winner.