Senior Men game 5

Ireland’s Senior Mens teams suffer their first defeat to Switzerland in the round robin game at the 2017 World Senior Curling Championships in Lethbridge, Canada 🇨🇦. Bill Gray sums up:

Disappointing to lose our first game against the Swiss this morning. Pretty much a one end game where they scored 4. We played well enough so still looking forward towards qualification. Kazakhstan this afternoon and Australia tomorrow morning stand in the way. Photo to prove that its not just the front end that sweep!!


Lethbridge latest – 3

Some pictures of the Irish teams at the Opening Ceromony for the 2017 World Senior Curling Championships and the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships in Lethbridge, Canada 🇨🇦. Next up the hard part, as the round robin games get underway.

The Irish ladies play Russia at 12:15 (GMT-6) and the Irish Mens play USA at 16:30 (GMT-6) – Best of the Irish ☘️ luck to all.

Edinburgh International Curlers Gathering 2017

Irish Gathering Team

John Furey, John Wilson, Eoin McCrossan and Arran Cameron

A solid set of performances saw Paddy Power lift 1st prize in the Edinburgh International Curlers Gathering at Murrayfield, Edinburgh last weekend.

The Irish team, comprising of KT Kerr, John Wilson, Eoin McCrossan, Arran Cameron and John Furey, won all six of their games on the way to the win, with a number of good performances to boot.

The teams they played and the respective scores were as follows:
Penicuik (local) (JF, AC, KK, EMcC) 2 -11
Maple Rocks (Canada) (JW, JF, AC, EMcC) 4 – 5
Torsten med Borsten (Sweden) (JW, JF, AC, EMcC) 2 – 8

Groups re-ranked…

Nic Nacs (Norway) v (JW, JF, AC, EMcC) 2 – 7
Slajding Bois (Sweden) v (JW, JF, AC, EMcC) 1 – 10
Haldane (Norway) v (JW, JF, AC, EMcC) 4 – 6