Carolyn and Co open with a win

President David welcomed everyone to Greenacres Ice Rink for the first ICA bonspiel of the season including Donncha Ó Conmhuí making the trip from Dublin via the Scottish Curling Adult Camp in Stranraer and Kerrianne Cox who were both along for their first bonspiel.


Bill Gray, Frances Whyte, Nina Clancy, Donncha Ó Conmhuí 5-6 Neil Fyfe, Eoin McCrossan, Clare McCormick, Frances Donald

Neil got off to a strong start with a 4 in the second end but was pegged back towards the end of the game but Bill could only manufacture a steal of 1 in the last end meaning Neil won by one point.

David Whyte, Christine Furey, Gillian Russell, Tricia Boult 4-8 Carolyn Hibbard, Andrew Gilmore, John Reidy, Kerrianne Cox

The winners with President David (left)

David began strongly with three points in the second end in a tight first half. Momentum swung in the 4th end with a big score of 4 points that carried Carolyn and team all the way to winning the bonspiel.

Marie O’Kane, Ian Donald, Gillian Drury, Dave McHale 5-5 Arran Cameron, Nathan Furey, Steve Callan, Maria O’Neill

The tightest game on the ice swung back and forth. Marie edged out to a 4-2 lead after three ends but was pegged back by two singles. Arran scored 1 with hammer in the last end to make sure of the peel.

David thanked everyone for coming, looked forward to the next events on the calendar including The Irish Open in November and presented Carolyn’s team with prizes and the perpetual trophy.

Welcome to the new curling season

Members of the Irish Curling Association will start season 2019/2020 this Sunday at Greenacres Ice Rink with the opening bonspiel.

The teams are:

Bill Gray/Johnjo KennyVSNeil Fyfe
Frances Whyte Eoin McCrossan
Nina Clancy Clare McCormick
Donncha O’Conmhui Frances Donald
David WhyteVSCarolyn Hibberd
Andrew Gilmore John Furey
Gillian Russell John Reidy
Tricia Boult Kerrianne  (Dave McHale’s Fiancé)
Marie O’KaneVSArran Cameron
Ian Donald Nathan Furey
Gilly Drury Steve Callan
Dave McHale Maria O’Neill

Good luck and good curling to everyone!

President David welcomes the new season

Irish Curling Association President David Whyte is looking forward to the 2019/2020 curling season starting.

Read his letter to all ICA members here:

“This is my third epistle to you all which is one more than would be normally expected. I am delighted to continue in the hot seat especially as we have had an interesting couple of years creating a ‘Development Plan’ for the association and hosting ‘Come and Try’ events in Dublin in January with hopefully more developments ahead. However, I would ask you all to think about supporting the association through involvement on the committee and in particular for someone to be interested in taking up the role of president going forward. From my experience it’s good to work with a great group of fellow committee members in leading the ICA in the years ahead. Anyway, enough of the advert for now …….”

“You will have seen from Bill’s emails that the fixtures are all in place with one change for the mixed playdowns which have had to move back a week from 8 to 15 March. We start off in Greenacres at the beginning of October, stay there for the fifth Irish Championships in November, move to Stirling in December, Kinross in February, followed very shortly by the Irish weekend in Stranraer and it will be the final bonspiel in March before you know it. Please try to make as many of the events as you can – they are great fun and a chance to catch up with members you might not come across on the ice otherwise.”

“It is the turn of the Welsh to host the Four Nations in January and they have chosen to return to the Flower Bowl in Preston. That turned out to be a great venue when hosted by the English last time round and for those who couldn’t make it then I would wholly recommend getting the chance to curl with flowers and stones under the ice and plants and colours all over the wall – a great experience.”

“The success of previous ‘Training and Development’ days at the start of the season to give potential new members a Come and Try while helping the rest of us fine tune our skills has encouraged us to think about staging further ones, supported by DAP funding and details will be circulated once the information is available.”

“The closing date for all playdowns is fast approaching on 30 August so if you want to try for the opportunity of representing Ireland on the World or European stage something which is truly special and a great honour get those entries in to Bill. For such a small Association we manage to punch above our weight on a number of occasions not just in these WCF events but in Scottish based competitions as well as overseas summer and winter bonspiels where we carry the flag. The playdowns will continue to be at Dumfries where we are well looked after and John Burns continues to officiate as umpire whenever possible. To allow these to replicate the actual tournament as closely as possible we aim to use time-clocks and I would encourage anyone who is interested to assist in running these. No previous experience is necessary and you also get to see some great games.”

“As referred to earlier we took the opportunity to promote curling in Dublin in January as part of the key objective in our ‘Development Plan’ and the committee is having a session shortly to review progress against the targets we set in that document. That will inevitably cover how we follow up on what was a great success. Our new member Jason Medhurst who drove down to Dublin to experience the occasion having only just moved to Belfast has made contacts in Northern Ireland interested in developing our sport and we are following up on that with Jason to see where that leads us.”

Briefly wearing my treasurer’s hat we have retained the subscription at £22 for a full member and £11 for an associate or junior member.

“These are due by 30th September with a fall back position of the 6th October at the first bonspiel.”

“I look forward to seeing you on the ice very soon and if I can assist anyone with any matter please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at any point in the season.””

World Mixed Doubles Qualifying

The new qualifying event for the World Mixed Doubles Championships will take place at Greenacres Ice Rink from December 3 to December 7, 2019.

Ireland will be represented at the qualifiers by the team of John Wilson and Alison Fyfe.

Both have previous experience of playing in the World Mixed Doubles. Alison played with her father Neil in Karlstad, Sweden and Lethbridge, Canada, in 2016 and 2017 and John played with Louise Kerr this year in Stavanger, Norway.

The top four teams will go on to the world championships in Kelowna, BC, Canada in April 2020.

Irish visit bella Cortina!

John, Ross, Alison and Louise in Cortina

Three members of the Irish Curling Association played in the 54th Summer Bonspiel in beautiful Cortina D’Ampezzo in the Italian Dolomites last week.

Ross and Alison Barr and Louise Kerr, plus John Brown from the English Curling Association, joined 37 other, multi-national, teams (including two world champions) that make the annual pilgrimage to curl and socialise in the most stunning of Alpine settings.

Fun in the Dolomites

The foursome played teams from Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland and the USA, winning one! But having a good time is high on the agenda during the four days of competition and the team certainly did that.

Day one highlight was taking the cable car from the town centre up to Faloria for lunch and a quick climb up the mountains.

Up at Faloria
John in his Knickerbocker Glory

The rain came on Friday and Saturday, but as we were mostly in the massive 1956 Olympic stadium playing, or drinking Prosecco or beer and eating pizza and ice-cream we didn’t notice

There was a grand dinner on the Saturday night with delicious food and copious amounts of alcohol – all courtesy of the organisers.

On the Sunday, after a morning game against our American friends from the famous Margarita Club, we took a drive up the hairpin bends out of Cortina, accompanied by bikers with wheels and bikers with engines to the vertigo-inducing cable car ride at Lagazuoi. From there we climbed to the 7870 metre summit of Falzarego and gazed in awe as the snow-capped high Alps stretched off into the distance.

You too can climb mountains in sandshoes.
It’s going to be a long wait for the next competitor….

The day we returned home, we heard that Cortina, co-hosting with Milan, had been awarded the 2026 Winter Olympics. We were chuffed for the townspeople as they were very excited about getting the Games back again. As well as curling in the Olympic stadium, which now has a modern roof, having been open air in 1956, we also visited the old bobsleigh track, which has been out of commission for 11 years, having originally been built in 1923. The Italians are allegedly going to spend €38 million refurbishing it in time for 2026.

Every curler should experience a trip to Cortina – it’s fantastico!

WMDCC – game 7


Louise sorts her hair in case the WCF photographer snaps her. Photo credit Frances Whyte.

Ireland’s mixed doubles team, John Wilson and Louise Kerr, finished their world championships outing on a high with a win in their final game against Qatar.

Having just won the draw shot challenge, the Irish team secured a one at the first end and gave up a one at the second.

John concentrates on the line. Photo credit WCF/Alina Pavlyuchik
“Needs to draw”…….. Photo credit WCF/Alina Pavlyuchik

Taking their powerplay in the third, accurate hitting from John, including a double take out left them in a good position. Qatar’s Mabarak Al- Abdulla drew into the open house for shot but a hit and roll out gave Ireland a big three.

John again! Photo credit WCF/Alina Pavlyuchik

Ireland stole in the fourth end and piled the pressure on in the next end with great draws followed by good, well placed guards. When the Qatar last stone got caught on frosty ice at the side of the sheet it was four shots to Ireland.

And John again! Photo credit WCF/Alina Pavlyuchik

The team then gave the opposition a one in the sixth end.

In the seventh end, Qatar got a good last stone at the back of the button, but John Wilson drew to the four foot a foot in front of it. Ireland’s attempted tap-back for two clipped a front stone to give up another steal.

The Qatar team shook hands at this point and Ireland had a second win. The teams statistics were also good, boosting their overall percentages for the competition!

This will be the last year that Ireland automatically qualify for the world championships. Next season, the top 16 from this competition will go straight to the worlds, but other countries will have to play a qualifying competition where the top four will qualify for the world championships.

WMDCC – game 6


In the pre-game line up. Photo credit WCF/Alina Pavlyuchik

Ireland lost their penultimate game at the world mixed doubles championships here in Norway, mainly due to a poor last stone at the first end when I was too light with a stone in an attempt to get into a cluster of New Zealand shots.

Bridget Becker and John. Photo credit WCF/Alina Pavlyuchik
Against New Zealand. Photo credit WCF/Alina Pavlyuchik

But we plugged away and got a mini-break in the seventh end with the Kiwis’ power play backfired on them. We were both making the shots called by this time in the game which is always a confidence booster.

“The spirit of curling” lives! Photo credit – WCF/Alina Pavlyuchik

We really enjoyed the game with good shots from all four players and after wards we decamped to the bar for a beer. We will bow out tomorrow morning when we play Qutar at 9am.

Bridget, Louise , John and Sean. Photo credit – the coach!

Wish us luck!

Adrian reaches 300 caps

Ireland’s good friend Adrian Meikle played his 300th game for Wales last night in Stavanger in the World men’s seniors against Finland.

Adrian Meikle with his cake to mark 300 caps.

Unfortunately, although it went down to the last stone it was not a win for Wales. Nevertheless, Adrian’s teammates and their coach, his partner Dawn, amde sure it was a night to remember with a cake back at the hotel bar.

Over the years, Adrian has played in the Men’s World Championships, the European Championships in the A,B and C Divisions, the World Mixed, the European Mixed, the World Mixed Doubles and finally, the World Men’s Seniors.

Well done to Adrian from all the members of the ICA!

WMDCC – game 5

IRELAND 14 Saudi Arabia 2

It was finally a win tonight for Ireland’s mixed doubles team, John Wilson and Louise Kerr who comfortably beat the husband and wife team, Suleiman and Karrie Alaqel.

The Saudis and the Irish

Suleiman and Karrie, who is originally form Montana, USA, only started curling a few months ago, and coached by Alastair Fyfe (our Neil’s brother) have turned out to represent their country, a country where curling is in it’s infancy, and have made a lot of friends in the process.

Photo credit WCF.

A four taken in a third end power play set the Irish team on the road to victory, with accurate takeouts from John. After that end we concentrated on drawing to the four foot, which worked out well.

Tomorrow we face New Zealand and another pair of ace curlers who are also the friendly face of curling – Sean and Bridget Becker.

Photo credit WCF.

WMDCC – game 4


Shot decision. Photo credit WCF.

The Irish team had a better game, percentage wise, against their English opponents in the last session game here in Norway, but losing a three in the first end put us on the back foot immediately.

However, we made more shots in this game than all the other we’ve played so far and came off the ice pleased with our shot making.

Executing the shot chosen. Photo credit WCF.

We have the morning off tomorrow so we will chill by going on the ferry up the fjord before playing Saudi Arabia in the evening .