Mixed playdowns this weekend


The Irish Mixed Championships takes place this Friday and Saturday at Dumfries Ice Bowl.

Three teams have entered – Team Russell, Team Gray and Team Whyte.

 The winner of the final will earn the right to represent Ireland at the World Mixed in Kazan, Russia on 15-22nd October 2016.

System of play The three teams will play a round robin of 8-end games. The first named team has first practice, plays with light stones and is top of the boards.

Game 1 – Gray v Whyte 5 pm Friday

Game 2 – Whyte v Russell 8.30 pm Friday

Game 3 – Russell v Gray 10 am Saturday

If the scores are W2, W1, W0 then the 3rd team is eliminated and the other two teams play two further games at 1.30pm and 5pm on Saturday to complete a “best of 3” decider.

If all three teams are on one win, ranking is on DSC, and 3 plays 2, the winner playing 1.

Girl power!

ladies champreyIrish ladies team member Ailsa Anderson recently gave an interview to Irish sports media publication ‘The42’ and it has already been viewed 27,612 times on The42 website!

Here’s the link:



As much publicity as possible is needed as the team are hoping to raise funds for their European C League trip via: 


Weekend extra

The times for the Saturday games will run 9am / 11.10am / 1.20pm and 3.30pm. This is to allow time for the ice to be pebbled between sessions. We will try and keep to the original two-hour sessions on the Sunday so we don’t finish too late for those travelling a distance.

The Saturday evening drinks reception will start at 6.45pm in the Prince Phillip Lounge (same as last year) and after the draw for the Sunday morning games has been announced there will be the presentation of Irish Championships medals to the winners of the mixed doubes; mens and mens seniors teams for 2015.

After that will come the grand raffle for ICA funds. Could each team provide a raffle prize please?


C League venue confirmed by WCF

This has just arrived from WCF headquarters:

 The Slovenian Curling Association will host the European Curling Championships C-Division (ECC-C), its first international curling event, in April.
The event will be held in the Ice Arena Zalog in Ljubljana between 25 April and 1 May 2016.
The ECC-C traditionally took place in October, but was moved to the spring following a decision taken at the World Curling Federation’s Annual General Assembly. This will give the winning teams more time to prepare for the European Curling Championships B-Division which take place in November.
World Curling Federation President, Kate Caithness, said: “The World Curling Federation (WCF) are excited to be taking this qualification event to Slovenia. The Slovenian Curling Association has shown great ambition in developing our sport in recent years and I am in no doubt that the local organising committee will put on a great show for all the athletes and supporters.”
Previously, five national curling championships and four junior curling events have been held in the Ice Arena Zalog, but it is hoped that an international event will play a significant role in the future development of curling in Slovenia and Central Europe. 
Gregor Rigler, President of the Local Organising Committee, said: “Slovenia is a relatively new country in the curling family and tries to promote curling in all possible ways. We believe that organising ECC-C will, among other things, help to promote the unique sport of curling and raise its popularity in Slovenia.
“We also wish to be a role model for all the countries participating in the C-Division and give them the courage to organise future competitions. We hope we can catch some attention from potential sponsors, and that the organisation of this championship will help us take steps closers to getting dedicated ice.”
One women’s team and one men’s team from each WCF Member Association in the European Zone may enter, only if they are not competing in the European Curling Championships A or B Divisions.
Two women’s teams and two men’s teams will qualify for the European Curling Championships B-Division in Glasgow, Scotland from 18-26 November 2016. 
Marko Kolenc, Director of Sport Municipality in Llubljana, said: “On behalf of Municipality of Ljubljana we will be glad to welcome the European Curling Championships C-Division to the 2016 Green Capital of Europe. Curling is one of the youngest Olympic sports in Slovenia and the speed of its development is amazing.”

ICA Glittertree challenge 2015

Glittertree 2015The competition for the best decorated Christmas tree in the ranks of the ICA starts now.

This year our judge is Olympic bronze medal winning curler Vicki Adams.

Email a colour picture of your tree to either louise.kerr@gallowaygazette.com or l.kerr871@btinternet.com or even clkerr1811@gmail.com

This year's judge is Vicki Adams

This year’s judge is Vicki Adams

All entries have to be in by 6pm Wednesday, December 23rd. The pictures will go onto the website anonymously, Vicki will then study all the trees entered and choose her favourite. The judge’s decision is final.

The winner of the ICA Christmas Tree challenge will be announced on Christmas Eve and will receive the 2015 Glittertree  and  a substantial prize.


ICA team to take part in Indoor Grand Match

Once every five years the Royal Caledonian Curling Club holds an Indoor Grand Match in ice rinks all across Scotland.
The Indoor Grand Match is a spin off event based on the traditional Grand Matches which are held on a frozen loch when temperatures and ice conditions permit.
Billed as the battle of North of Scotland versus South of Scotland this year’s event is set to feature over 2300 curlers competing in around 600 teams at 17 ice rinks across Scotland making it one of the biggest mass participation events in sport.
An imaginary line is drawn between the River Forth and River Clyde to decide the two sides and scores are compiled at the conclusion of all the games with the winner being the side with the most points.

The ICA will be represented by Bill Gray, David Whyte, Arran Cameron and Margarita Sweeney-Baird at Lockerbie Ice Rink at 10am, representing the North of Scotland against East Kilbride and Haremyres 3 from the South.