C Division – men’s game 4


Ireland’s men ran the Belgian’s out of stones in the last end to record their third victory in the C Division in Romania.

A steal of four in the second end set up the win and the team kept their noses in front all game.

Ireland are second in the table behind France at the moment. They face Slovenia later today.

C Division – women’s game 2


A magnificent three from the Irish women saw them pip France in the last end to record their first win at the European C Division in Brasov, Romania.

The momentum in the game swung from one team to the other over a tense ten ends, but the Ireland team made the last stone count going down the last end.

Well done to all the team. Next game for the women will be against Croatia in the morning.

C Division – men’s game 1


Steals of two in the fifth and eighth end set Ireland up for a comfortable victory in their first game in the C Division today in Romania.

It’s the women’s turn tomorrow morning against Belarus and the men return to the ice tomorrow afternoon when they face the host Romania.

Come on Ireland!

Team player profile – Steve Callan

Steve and his biggest fan – daughter Elspeth.

Making his debut as an Irish international player at the Le Gruyeré AOP European Curling Championships 2019 C Division is Steve Callan, who will play second in the men’s team.

So, as is the tradition at ICA headquarters, Steve has been asked to reveal a wee bit more about himself, ahead of taking to the ice with the shamrock on his back, in a player profile.

Here’s his answers to our probing questions:

Name – Steve Callan

Age – 39++

Occupation – Town Planner- making peoples dreams come true with my planning decisions!!!

Status – single / married / divorced / still wondering? – Married to Ailie for 11 years. She gets a lot of sympathy for time served.

Children – Elspeth 7 and Struan 4. They are a joy (mostly!)

Years curling – 8 and a bit (post Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010)

Home club and ice rinkKinross Curling Club, Kinross

Favourite sport outside curling: To watch – Rugby especially Munster and Ireland

Favourite sport outside curling: To play – Still play a wee bit of hockey at my age. That’s field hockey, KT Kerr and any other North Americans who see this!

Who would you really like to meet?Tommy Tiernan – Irish comedian and a bit crude but great craic!!

Favourite TV programme? – Police dramas like Line of Duty and Luther and has to be Still Game for light relief.

Favourite holiday destination and why? – It was Melbourne, until my trip to Canada as Coach to Irish Mixed team last October. Now its British Columbia and Vancouver in particular. Beautiful country, lovely people and very fond of their curling.

Favourite other Irish curler and why? –  Have no favourites, I love them all especially James , Arran, and Eoin!!!

You can save one prized possession. What is it? – Slightly embarrassing but I still have a blanket from when I was a baby under my pillow.

Who would you choose to be marooned on a desert island with? – Marina Russell – James mammy. All my meals made for me, clean clothes and a spotless abode. What more does one need, plus better banter than her son!!

Sum yourself up in five words – Shy and retiring Cork boy!!!

C Division preview – part 2

Let’s hear from the women’s team skip Alison Fyfe, who was also chosen by the WCF to be its featured female curler on the website ( see the link here:

Alison said: “The team have been working really hard this season to up our game and do Ireland proud. We hope that we can perform as well as we have been in practice and ultimately be promoted to B-Division. The girls and I are excited to come together in the same country (Katie lives on the other side of the pond), enjoy each other’s company, and have fun .”

Good luck to Alison. Jen, Jacqui and Katie and coach Johnjo from all ICA members.

C Division preview

There’s still more curling to do before Irish players can hang up their kippers for the summer, beginning with the European C Division qualifier in Brasov, Romania on 12-17 April.

Ireland will be represented by James Russell, Arran Cameron, Steve Callan and Eoin McCrossan in the men’s competition and Alison Fyfe, Jen Ward, Jacqui Barr and Katie Kerr in the women’s. The respective coaches are Martin Sutherland and Johnjo Kenny.

Before leaving, skip James was hopeful of leading Ireland up to the European B Division.

“It’s that time of year again, final preparations are underway for C-League in Romania. It’s nice to be back playing Europeans after taking last year off to finish University (I know, I’m more surprised than anyone). This year the team is a four- man squad consisting of myself, Arran Cameron, (debutant) Steve Callan, and long time fifth man Eoin McCrossan. Having spent the first half of the season abroad it’s been pretty all go for us since January, but the intensity has paid off and it feels like things are starting to come together and we are hitting a nice rhythm together. We all know our roles in the team, on and off the ice so I am confident that the lads can do the business and let me play guards all week.

James, Arran, Steve and Eoin

“As always its a huge honour to represent Ireland on the international stage and the privilege is not lost on us. Thank you to everyone who sent kind words throughout the season and to those who gave up their time to come help out at practice and play games against us. We hope we do you proud. Extra special thanks go to Steve’s wife, Ailie, for letting him come out to play. He’s very excited and has promised not to go out for the rest of 2019 to say thank you…..what a guy!”

Look out for a profile on debutant Steve later in the week! And check out the draw for both teams here: