Triple Crown for Ireland!

Team Ireland with the Meikle, the Turnbull and the Marshall Milennium trophies

The ICA squad had a fantastic weekend at Greenacres at

the Four Nations, winning all three trophies against England, Scotland and Wales, for the second year running.

Well done to all our curlers. More news and results to follow shortly.

Irish MD duo tackle double Olympic champion

Neil and Alison Fyfe were playing in the  Dutch Masters CCT Mixed Doubles competition in Zoetermeer last weekend.

Neil reports: “In our first game we were drawn against the Swedish pairing of double Olympic champion and multiple times world champion Annette Norberg and her partner Vincent Stenberg. They had the advantage of having already played a game earlier in the day. We played badly and were well beaten 10-2. The ice was quite tricky – but lightening fast after being slow for the first few shots. We both struggled to find draw weight throughout the game – which was not good. There was no practice before the game – apart from one practice draw for Alison who was nominated to do the LSD for that game.

“In our second game we played Judith and Lee McCleary from Scotland (what a lovely couple they are). They have played here a couple of times before and got the hang of the ice before we did and sailed into a 7-0 lead after the second end. We played a bit better after that taking a 2 in the third and after restricting our opponents to a 1 in 4th then took a 1 in the 5th – but conceded after the sixth when the McCleary team took another two. They are a very strong pair and barely missed a shot between them.

“On Saturday morning Team Fyfe played against a local team of Jaap van Dorp (who skips the Dutch men’s team) who was playing with his Hungarian partner Vera Kalocsai.
Although team Fyfe yet again failed to gain last stone advantage, they managed to restrict their opponents to a 1 in the first end but lost another single shot in the second before scoring a three in the third. Team Fyfe managed to find better form this game – and the game was very close the score was 6-6 going into the last end with the Irish team having last stone advantage. Alison and Neil played a near perfect end and Alison made a good draw with her last to secure Ireland’s first win!

” In the last game of the round robin stage Team Fyfe played the Polish team of Adela Walczak and Kasper Knebloch. The Irish pair started off well taking a three in the first end. The Polish pair played well and after 6 ends had reduced the deficit to two shots. Neil and Alison elected to play their power play in the seventh – however this went disastrously wrong with poor shots from both players and the Polish pair took a three. In the final end Alison had the choice of playing a difficult draw to the 4 foot to draw the game – or playing an equally difficult skinny double to take a two and win the game. The latter option was selected and successfully played. A second (but messy) win for Team Fyfe!

“The Scottish team topped the table with four wins and the Irish, Swedish and Dutch teams were in joint second place with two wins and two defeats. Due to having the worst draw shot challenge Team Ireland unfortunately were eliminated because of this.
“It was a hard way to be knocked out due to not having any practice before the games (apart from one shot prior to the DSC).

“The Dutch organisers and volunteers did an excellent job and the competition was very enjoyable.”

On Sunday Alison and Neil took a trip into Amsterdam to do some sightseeing before returning to watch the final in the afternoon.

Alison in Amsterdam

Prizes for Pete’s Posse at Kinross

Both the men’s and women’s senior squads got a run out at the  Kinross Over 40s prior to heading Canada for the World Senior Championships in April.

Peter, Johnjo, David W and David H

Peter Wilson, who skipped Ireland to world senior bronze last year, has formed a new team this season with the bulk of the gold medal senior winners from 2012 – Johnjo Kenny, Bill Gray, David Whyte and David Hume – in it. Unfortunately Bill injured his leg and couldn’t play last weekend so David Hume played at lead. The team finished as the ‘middle road’ winners with just one loss in five games, and that was due to an unfortunate pick-up with Peter’s last stone of the game drawing for the win against the eventual winners.

The ladies played four games, winning two and losing two, and were pleased with their performance overall.

Peter, Clare, Marie, David W, Louise, David H and Carloyn. Johnjo was on the dancefloor…

It was a brilliant weekend socially and thanks go to the organising committee, including our very own Johnjo, for working so hard to make sure everything was spot on for the competitors to curl hard on the ice and party hard off it.

The Return of the TT!

Tony, Tommy, Charlotte and Phil

Great to see Tony Tierney back on the ice at Kinross at the weekend – and winning a prize as well!

He and Charlotte teamed up with Phil Barton and Tommy Campbell for the Over 40s bonspiel and topped the low road. It was a fantastic competition on the ice and great fun off it and looks set to become a regular event on the curling calendar for many years.

Well done TT. Normal service is resumed.

Mixed Doubles – day 2

The ICA Mixed Doubles is  to be a best-of-three challenge between Mitchell & Sweeney- Baird and Fyfe & Fyfe, with one win on the board for the Fyfes.


Session 3 – Fyfe/Fyfe 9 Barr/Barr 1; Mitchell/Sweeney-Baird 7 Whyte/Anderson 4

Session 4 – Fyfe/Fyfe 8 Mitchell/Sweeney-Baird 4; Whtye/Anderson 4 McCrossan/Ward 10

Session 5 – Fyfe/Fyfe 8 Whyte/Anderson 3; McCrossan/Ward 10 Barr/Barr 5

So, Alan and Margarita and Neil and Alison will play each other again at 9.30am on Sunday. If the Fyfes win, they are champions again, if Alan and Margarita win it goes to a decider.

image1Some Swedes and Canadians were also in Dumfries today……..

Autumn Bonspiel at Braehead

The ICA held its Autumn Bonspiel at Braehead yesterday with six rinks taking part.

Gavin, Cillian and John

Gavin, Cillian and John

The Association was delighted to welcome new members Cillian Stewart, John McConnell and Gavin O’Callaghan to the fold. Thanks also to super-sub Charlotte Tierney and mini-super-sub Erin Furey, who stepped into the breach to fill the rinks due to call-offs.

The winning rink was David Whyte, Margarita Sweeney-Baird, Nathan Furey and Trish Boult.

Results – John Furey 7 James Russell 9; Craig Whyte 5 John Wilson 6; David Whyte 10 Carolyn Hibberd 7.

The winners - Trish, Margarita, Nathan and David

The winners – Trish, Margarita, Nathan and David

After the game, Tony Tierney kindly presented the prizes of wine to the grown-ups and chocolate to Nathan.

Edinburgh Senior winners have a green tinge this year

Eric, Neil, Doug and Robin

Eric, Neil, Doug and Robin

Well done to ICA members Robin Gray and Neil Fyfe who, along with team-mates Doug Kerr and Eric Richardson, won the Edinburgh International Senior men’s title at Murrayfield last weekend.

It had looked like the official men’s team – Peter Wilson,  Johnjo Kenny, Bill Gray and David Whyte, might make the final too, but unfortunately they were beaten in the semi by Callum Harvey.

Johnjo’s team win Fyfe Trophy

Winners - John, Gillian, David and Johnjo with Ann presenting

Winners – John, Gillian, David and Johnjo with Anne presenting

Johnjo Kenny and his rink of John Burns, David Hume and Gillian Russell won the Fyfe Trophy, the Irish Open Championships, at Braehead Ice Rink on Saturday.

Six rinks took park in the round-robin, five games of three-ends format, and two rinks played with three players only, due to last minute call offs.

Anne with the high road runners-up Bob, Clare and David

Anne with the high road runners-up Bob, Clare and David

The runners-up were David Whyte, Care McCormack and Bob Sherrard.

High road third place went to Neil, Anne, Margarita and John

High road third place went to Neil, Anne, Margarita and John

Third place in the high road went to Neil Fyfe, John Gilmore, Margarita Sweeney-Baird and Anne Gibson.

Anne with low road winners Alison, Eoin and David

Anne with low road winners Alison, Eoin and David

The winners of the low  road were Alison Fyfe, Dave Hibberd and Eoin McCrossan.

Anne Gibson presented the trophy and medals to the winners on behalf of the Fyfe family.