Johnjo’s team win Fyfe Trophy

Winners - John, Gillian, David and Johnjo with Ann presenting

Winners – John, Gillian, David and Johnjo with Anne presenting

Johnjo Kenny and his rink of John Burns, David Hume and Gillian Russell won the Fyfe Trophy, the Irish Open Championships, at Braehead Ice Rink on Saturday.

Six rinks took park in the round-robin, five games of three-ends format, and two rinks played with three players only, due to last minute call offs.

Anne with the high road runners-up Bob, Clare and David

Anne with the high road runners-up Bob, Clare and David

The runners-up were David Whyte, Care McCormack and Bob Sherrard.

High road third place went to Neil, Anne, Margarita and John

High road third place went to Neil, Anne, Margarita and John

Third place in the high road went to Neil Fyfe, John Gilmore, Margarita Sweeney-Baird and Anne Gibson.

Anne with low road winners Alison, Eoin and David

Anne with low road winners Alison, Eoin and David

The winners of the low  road were Alison Fyfe, Dave Hibberd and Eoin McCrossan.

Anne Gibson presented the trophy and medals to the winners on behalf of the Fyfe family.

Irish win the world’s oldest curling fixture

Two teams for the ICA played Ardrossan Castle at Greenacres last night in the oldest international fixture in curling – it has been played – on and off – since 1861.

The Irish team of Martin Sutherland (skip) Carolyn Hibberd, Marie O’Kane and Clare MacCormick (Lead) defeated the Ardrossan Castle side of Gordon Christie, Donnie Shedden, Bill Stevely and Angus Dodds  by 13 shots to 3. The game seemed closer than that but our side were always able to get their stones in the right positions on very swinging ice where weight was crucial.

The other ICA team of Neil Fyfe, Christine Furey, Alan Mitchell and Erin Furey had a much closer tussle against Frazer Erskine , and C ,K, and G Millen.

This  was a game of two halves with the Irish being 4-0 down after four ends.  They fought back to level the game at 4 all but a brilliant  last shot by skip Frazer swung the game Ardrossan’s way with the final score standing at 4- 7.  Overall the winners of the Belfast Medal Trophy are the Irish Curling Association.

20141130_162641The player of the match, which was agreed by everyone, was young Erin Furey.  At 11 years of age it was thought that she is the youngest winner of the oldest curling international fixture in the world.   Also the youngest Irish player to have taken part in an International match.  Our lucky little leprechaun has been booked for next year’s fixture!

The game was followed by a supper at the rink and time for a catch up with everyone

ICA opening bonspiel

opening-bonspielThe ICA held its opening bonspiel at Greenacres Ice Rink on Sunday, October 16th. Four rinks played eight ends and there was a tie for the prizes with both Neil Fyfe’s team and James Russell’s team beating their opposition by four shots. James, playing with Marie O’Kane, Eoin McCrossan and Trish Boult, were declared the winners as they had scored more shots.

N Fyfe 9 A Cameron 5;
J Russell 11 D Hume 7

The winners! James, Marie. Eoin and Trish

The winners!
James, Marie. Eoin and Trish

President Louise presented the perpetual trophy and the prizes afterwards and winning skip James duly thanked his rink for playing so well, and his opposition for the good game as well as thanking Carolyn Hibberd for organising the bonspiel and Greenacres staff for the ice and the soup and sandwiches afterwards.

The ICA were delighted to welcome two new members to the ranks  – Patricia ‘Trish’ Boult and Roberta Warwick.

Members also signed a get well card for Tony Tierney, who is at home recovering from cancer treatment. Everyone in the ICA wishes Tony the speediest of recoveries and that his life, and Charlotte’s, returns to normal as soon as possible and they are back where they belong – on the ice playing with us.

Seniors’ reports – semi and bronze game

World Senior's Championship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden

World Senior’s Championship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden

Seniors’ coach Gordon McIntyre has send through his notes from the men’s semi-final against Canada and the bronze medal game against Denmark so we can all find out exactly what happened!.

V Canada:

1st End. – Quick 1st end. Canadian skip Randy Neufeld has to hit for his 2. 0-2
2nd End – Couple of missed hits puts us in bother, have to chase the game now.  Pete having to draw the shot against 2. Sweepers working on  it too early and shot sails through.  0-4
3rd End – Ireland lying 3rd shot, when Pete takes a double for 2.  2-4
4th End – Very defensive by both teams, lots of hit and rolls leaving not a single stone in house. Blank. 2-4
5th End – Game changer when Ireland electing to put stone in house to open up play in the hope that we can steal. Neufeld draws to lie 2. Pete has to follow him and lies shot,
Neufelt goes for the raise and misses, great steal of 1. 3-4
6th End – Stones into house allows Canada the opportunity to draw for 2.  3-6.
7th End – There is nothing in the house for Ireland when  PJ plays, he is facing  3 and guarded,  so peels guard, leaving Canada lying 2. PJ then tries going through a port for double, but not heavy enough, Canada still lying 1 . Pete also comes through the port, but his stone is lying open. Neufeld hits to lie 3. Not too many options for last stone. Going for tap back on outside stone. Just missed out  3-7. Game finished.

Bronze v Denmark:

Bronze medal game  – winner takes all…….
1st End – Good swinging ice, Pete to draw for 2.  2-0
2nd End – Hit and run end, Pete going for tap back with 1st stone. Danish fourth player Poul Erik Neilsen hits and rolls into the open. Pete going for hit and stick leaving Niesen to follow. Blanked end.   2-0
3rd End – Both teams hitting for positional play, Pete elects to hit and roll, but just goes too far. Neilsen draws for 2.  2-2
4th End –  PJ plays an angled hit and roll to lie shot. But Neilsen plays an excellent raised take out to lie 2. Pete, with his first stone, goes for a tap back, but it was just under weight, 1 shot still against us. Pete going for draw with his second, it has to be into the 4′ and it is.  1 for Ireland.  3-2
5th End –  Lots of good shots being played ( all all behind the tee ) by both teams.
Ireland draw to lie 2, Neilsen  goes for tap back, but plays heavy and runs past. Good steal of 2.   5-2.
6th End – Lots of stones in play. Neilsen tries the hit fora  2 and misses,  so another steal of 1.  6-2.
7th End – Pete is really taking the game to Denmark by putting stones into the house. Ireland lie 1 with Nielsen’s last stone to come. It’s  another steal of 1 and bronze medal!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂


Gordon’s reports – quarter-final v New Zealand

New ZealandIreland 6 New Zealand 5

Coach said: “Big and difficult game tonight against New Zealand.

1st End – Starting out with both team very defensive, one mistake from NZL and Ireland takes 2.  2-0
2nd End  – A missed stone put us under pressure, NZL lie 2. Pete going for the raise double and only takes 1. NZL draw for 2.    2-2
3rd End – Again both teams very defensive, ready to capitalise on the mistakes.  Hans Frauenlob, the New Zealand skip, draws the button with 1st stone, Pete goes for raise to lie 1.  Frauenlob taps back to lie 2.  Pete goes for draw but it stays straight, giving up one.    2-3
4th End –  Lots of power sweeping in this end from both teams. It’s important to keep the ice clean. Pete going for a tap back against 2. Draws shot, NZL skip puts up
guard, Pete going for a draw and takes 1.  3-3
5th End – Great end for Ireland. Pete had a great cross double forcing the Frauenlob to draw shot. 3-4.
6th End – Pressure on Pete after missed shots but he  plays a tremendous draw to lie shot, but NZL follow him to lie shot. Pete has to play for tap back, but  sweeping errors let a perfect stone to sail past. NZL steal 1. 3-5
7th End – We have to get the sleeves up. Pete has to try pull out the big shot with his first stone with a draw – and it’s a great shot. Frauenlob puts up a guard, forcing Pete to play another excellent draw for 2.  5-5
Game on.
8th End – Turning into a very interesting end, NZL lying 2 with skip stones to come.
Stone position not in our favour. Pete elected to go for hit and roll and just rolled too far. NZL still lying 1 with skips’ stones to come. Frauenlob peels his own guard. NZL still lying 1.

World Senior's Curling Championship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden

World Senior’s Curling Championship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden

World Senior's Curling Championship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden

World Senior’s Curling Championship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden

Pete plays a superb tap back with his last stone on an Irish stone to lie shot. Under pressure, Frauenlob fails to draw the shot and  Ireland are in semis!”

Ireland lose to Finland

Ireland 5 Finland 10

The loss of a five in the seventh end knocked back Ireland’s hopes of progressing up the rankings of the world mixed doubles this morning. The Fyfe duo now play Hungary, last year’s world champions, at 3pm to try and get into the top 12 MD teams and lay the golden egg this is Olympic points.

Well done to Neil and Alison for an excellent run so far. You are doing Ireland and the ICA proud.

The senior men are also in action at 3pm (our time) against Germany in a qualifier game for this evening’s quarter-finals. Come on Ireland!

Here are some of the latest photographs of our Irish teams taken by the WCF photographers….

WSCC- picture gallery

World Senior's Championship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden

Pete watches the line in the game against Finland.                           World Senior’s Championship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden

World Senior's Curling Championship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden

“On the other hand….”            World Senior’s Curling Championship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden

World Senior's Championship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden

“So…if it’s drawing too much I sweep on this side and if it’s not drawing enough I hand you my brush and you hand it back to me and then we change round…..”                                                                         World Senior’s Championship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden

World Mixed Doubles Championship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden

“If we can’t do that….we can go the other way……and even if we can’t go the other way we still have a third option ….”                                                                       World SeniorChampionship 2016, Karlstad, Sweden