Training Day at Braehead

22 March 2014 @ 12:00 pm
Braehead Curling Rink

We will be having a training/ practice day at Braehead curling rink on the 22nd March 2014 from 12pm. This is open to all and will involve on-ice time and will include using our laser to help ‘line up and delivery’ and also use our timing equipment to help anyone interested in split timing ( stop watch). We will have 3 sheets for the first session and 2 for the second session so different “lessons ” will be available.

The day will be varied and also involve some of the ” old favourite” coaching tasks to sharpen up various aspects of your game.

We are hopeful that the day will be free or involve only a nominal cost (around £5).

There will be some forms for completion on the day to allow us to plan into next season however I would urge anyone not able to attend on the 22nd to advise of your desire to participate next year and also advise whether you would like to aspire to international competition next season OR in the future.

We are keen that as many as possible aim for this standard to ensure we have representatives in the major events.

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