Senior women game 2

Ireland 2 Japan 9

The Irish women suffered their second defeat when losing 9-2 to Japan. The Japanese ladies had excellent control of draw weight and used it to their advantage to get ahead and not let Ireland back into the game.

The pressure of time clocks is also a factor in games as there is little opportunity to ponder on what ice to take out here! It’s get your backside into the hack and go…….

Tomorrow the women play Sweden and England.

Seniors – women game 1

Ireland 5 Russia 9

The Irish women went down to the Russians after coming back from a 4-0 deficit to make a game if it here in Lethbridge

A well played last end gave the team a chance of taking it to an extra end with a three, but it was not to be when Marie’s last stone attempt to tap an Irish counter back onto the Russian shot didn’t draw it was handshakes.

MD game 2

Neil and Alison showed their mettle this morning with a professional 10-2 win over Serbia.

The game was memorable for another reason as it was Neil’s 100th appearance for Ireland at international level.

Well done Neil!

MD game 1

Ireland 4 Italy 5

World Mixed Double Curling Championship 2017, Lethbridge, Canada

Neil and Alison were mugged on the line by Italy last night having dominated for 90 per cent of the eight end game. The Italians were eing outplayed but in the last end the pedulum swung in their favour when the Italians drew a cracker of a shot behind the guard to lie two. Alison and Neil elected to raise their own stone back onto the shot but Alison was wide played and the Italians stole the game.

The Irish pair were very annoyed with themselves to let this game slip away and will now have to regroup.

Lethbridge latest – 3

Some pictures of the Irish teams at the Opening Ceromony for the 2017 World Senior Curling Championships and the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships in Lethbridge, Canada 🇨🇦. Next up the hard part, as the round robin games get underway.

The Irish ladies play Russia at 12:15 (GMT-6) and the Irish Mens play USA at 16:30 (GMT-6) – Best of the Irish ☘️ luck to all.

Lethbridge latest – 2

Carrie from Cork is a Peter Wilson fan already……

And here she is…..the blessed Carrie McDermott from Cork City.

She is going to look after the Irish contingent in her role as receptionist at the Lethbridge Lodge Hotel.

We had look round the city this morning, found the shopping mall and had lunch in a pub that served, among other things, my new favourite…..Irish Nanchos! We then headed for a look round the stadium. Got the shuttle bus and it takes about 15 minutes from the hotel. It’s a wonderful facility, less than a year old, with two separate ice pads. Neil and Alison were being put through their paces by coach Eoin when we left.

Lethbridge latest – blog 1

The Irish teams at Heathrow yesterday.

Team Ireland x 3 have all now arrived safely at their destination in the Lethbridge Lodge. It was a long day traveling yesterday but a good sleep and a reviving shower followed by great coffee and a cinamon bun worked wonders. The receptionist here is from Cork City so she is now going round with a ‘Wilson Ireland’ mini kit pinned proudly to her chest.

Seniors have a quiet day today but we will all get the shuttle bus into the stadium later to watch Neil and Alison practice ahead of their first game against Italy tomorrow.