JJ-topsJust in case anyone thought we were exaggerating when we reported that Johnjo Kenny was the owner of 13 different Irish tops here is the evidence……..

This is the result of 135 appearances for Ireland from 2004 to the present day (72 wins – 63 losses) at European, Mixed European, World and World Senior championships.  Well done Big Man.

Johnjo, Tony Tierney, Charlotte Tierney and Gillan Russell covered themselves in glory at the weekend when winning third prize in the Dalrymple Cup final weekend at Stranraer Ice Rink. Report, pictures and video to follow…..

ICA AGM 2014

John-BurnsAt Sunday’s annual general meeting, Carolyn Hibberd proposed that John Burns be made an honorary member of the Irish Curling Association and this was wholeheartedly approved by the meeting.
Carolyn paid tribute to John’s commitment to the cause of Irish curling since its beginnings in the early 1990s. Indeed, the seed was sown to form an organisation during a conversation between John and Fiona Turnbull on the drive home from a competition.
John served as secretary for twenty years and as our representative on the World Curling Federation has travelled far and wide to promote Irish curling. John is still working hard to realise the dream we all have of curling ice in Ireland.
John graciously accepted the honorary position.
PJWilsonPresident PJ Wilson gave a report of the season past.
Teams from the ICA had competed at the world seniors in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada last April in the men’s and ladies’ sections. A team competed in the European Mixed in Edinburgh in September and a men’s team travelled to Copenhagen in October to play in the European ‘C’ Division. This season’s Irish playdowns in December and January have produced one mixed doubles team and a men’s seniors team for the world championships in Dumfries in April.
Ireland hosted a very successful Four Nations weekend in January and the annual Stranraer weekend in February was enjoyed by all socially, although the ice conditions proved to be a tad confusing for all but the locals.
ireland_JACKETSThe committee have agreed to use a standardised Irish team uniform, to remain unchanged for the next five years. This is to stop the situation of international players having to purchase new kit every time they change teams (Johnjo has 13 different versions at the last count).
ireland_shirtsThe official Irish uniform, designed by Foxglide, will consist of a light and dark top and jacket for international teams –  their name and ‘Ireland’ on the back.
ICA members will be able to purchase the dark version to wear  –  plain back. 
The committee remain as last year and minor changes were made to the constitution.

Closing Bonspiel 2014 – results

Held at Lanarkshire Ice Rink in Hamilton, Scotland on Sunday 16th March 2014. This is the ICA members closing bonspiel of the season, followed by our 20th Annual General Meeting and rounded off with dinner.

Closing Bonspiel winnersFor this bonspiel, attending members were divided up into six teams who are drawn to play against one other team.

Our president Peter J Wilson and his team Christina Graham, Susan Scotland and Jim Nixon won with a +13 score and are the overall winners

Peter J Wilson, Christina Graham, Susan Scotland & Jim Nixon 14
Marie O’Kane, Bill Radcliffe, Margarita Sweeney-Baird & Yvonne Chalmers / John Furey 1

John Burns Paul Cromey Steve Callan, Elizabeth McKay 11
Ian Donald, Isla Kinnear, Francis Whyte, Mary Radcliffe 3

Louise Kerr, Ross Barr, David Hume, Kathie Nixon 8
David Smith, Francis Donald, Cron McKay, Clare McCormick 5

Jonny opens a new frontier

Jonny 1Twenty-five-year old Jonny Harper from Belfast could be the first of a new breed of Irish curlers after taking the ferry over on Monday to try curling at Stranraer Ice Rink.
Inspired by the recent Olympics, youth-worker Jonny had a day off and decided to give curling a go after seeing the free ‘Try Curling’ sessions at Stranraer advertised on the ICA website.

A natural sportsman (he plays hockey) Jonny arrived off the morning ferry and got a bus from the terminal into the town . After arriving at the rink, he picked the basics up quickly after some coaching from ice rink manager Gail Munro and qualified coach Trevor Harrison. As the ice wasn’t busy, Jonny had the rink to himself to hone his newly acquired skills. Later he was joined by ICA President PJ Wilson and Louise Kerr who spent some time with him on the ice, helping with delivery tips and sweeping advice and filling him in on some ICA history.

But as you can see from the attached video clip, Jonny picked things up really quickly, developing an impressive slide in just a couple of hours.

Before heading home on the afternoon boat, PJ invited Jonny to the closing bonspiel at Hamilton and Jonny promised to bring the rest of the hockey team with him next time!