Current Status of Curling In Ireland

Re-establishing curling in Ireland is a primary goal of the ICA. Here is an overview of the current status of curling in Ireland.

Curling is an amazing sport and well worth trying, but it is difficult so far for folk in Ireland, due to lack of facilities. However we are constantly looking for opportunities to create curling facilities in new and existing ice rinks. We live in hope as this is a core objective of the ICA and is fundamental to securing the long term future and development of the Irish Curling Association.

Dundalk and Dundonald, Belfast

The two permanent ice rinks in Ireland (Dundalk Ice Bowl and Dundonald Ice Bowl, in Belfast) say they are “too busy” for curling, though we have tried to persuade them.

The Dundalk Ice Dome facility at Dundalk Retail Park on the Inner Relief Road has been lying idle since closing its doors in May 2010.

Temporary Ice Rinks

The ICA and the World Curling Federation are holding come and try curling sessions at a temporary facility at Tallaght Stadium, Dublin, on January 16/17, 2019. This is an Olympic Celebration Tour event. There has also been curling on various temporary ice rinks in Cork and Dublin at Christmas time in the past.


Another option is coming over to Scotland – there’s a curling rink a few miles south of the ferry terminal at The North West Castle Hotel in Stranraer where you can plan a day out for eight people.

Please help ….

To help us you can lobby your local ice rink and let them know there is a real interest in the sport in Ireland.