Opening bonspiel at Geenacres

THE first ICA game of the new season took place at Greenacres Ice Rink today with four rinks on the ice.

Neil Fyfe’s team were the winners after a victory over Arran Cameron’s team and in the other game David Whyte’s rink got the better of Alison Fyfe’s foursome.

Great to get back on the ice and wonderful to see friends old and new there.

Pictured are winners Maria O’Neill, Charlotte Tierney, Neil Fyfe and John Dunlop

Opening Bonspiel 2023-2024 season

THE Irish will gather at Greenacres Curling Cub for the opening bonspiel of the new season tomorrow at 12 noon.

Four teams are taking part and here they are:

Arran Cameron                 vs           Neil Fyfe

Frances Whyte                                 Charlotte Tierney

John Burns                                        John Dunlop

Russet Fullarton                               Maria O’Neill

David Whyte                      vs           Alison Fyfe

Christine Furey                                 Louise Kerr

David Hume                                      Ari Furey

Eleanor Burns                                   Trish Boult