Profile – Ailsa Anderson

Ailsa AName –  Ailsa Anderson
Age – 26
Occupation –  Planner/ Surveyor
Status  – Girlfriend (when it’s not combining, ploughing or silage seasons)
Years curling – 4
Home club and ice Rink – Banchory, Curl Aberdeen

In-turn or out-turn? – In-turn

Best ever curling memory? – Winning both Autumn and Spring League Trophies with my local club for 2014/15 season.

Favourite sport outside curling:
To watch – Rugby
To play – Netball

If you had to switch careers, what job would you do? – Presenter on Landward (I’m a country girl)

Favourite TV programme? – Nashville (again country girl)

Favourite holiday destination and why? – New Zealand because its amazing!

Apart from the ICA, what website do you spend the most time on? – BBC News

Best / worst subjects at school? 
Worst – English
Best – Geography

Who’d be your four ideal dinner guests? – Prince Philip, Paul Walker (rest his soul), Brian O’Driscoll and Adam Hills.

Sum yourself up in five words – Organised, blond, curling, country girl !

Squad system made the difference

JohnJoNewly crowned Irish senior champion skip Johnjo Kenny talks to Louise Kerr about what this win means to him and his team, what made the difference at the weekend and what are his plans for the future:

LK – A successful weekend by the narrowest of margins, can you summarise how you saw the games and the weekend?
JJK -We expected it to be a tough weekend and were not disappointed. The first game was really over after 2 ends when we went 6 up but that possibly worked well for Pete’s team as they then had 5 ends of good stress free practice. Game 2, we felt in control and were 3 up but David Whyte had a horrendous pick in end 6 which opened the door for them and they jumped through it to get a 3 back and then my last stone in 7 picks to gift them a two…that was a sore one!  In game 3 they just outplayed us throughout and that left us drowning our sorrows in the last chance saloon. An early team meeting on Sunday and a change of strategy and tactics gave us good focus and despite living dangerously with this aggressive game we did enough to get through the last 2 games…just!  Fair play to Pete, Peter, David and Tom though, they played a really strong weekend. Ultimately with 5 games of such intensity in a relatively short period, especially in seniors, our ability to rotate our front end with the 5 man squad was a big factor, possibly the determining one.
LK – How did the squad format work for you?
JJK – I think we are all comfortable with it. We all get on well together, even in defeat, and we recognize that the recruitment of Neil (Fyfe) strengthens our squad. David Hume wasn’t called into action this weekend but
took a full part in everything, including keeping the rest of us organised, booking meal times and organising the game drinks and nutrition (bananas and jelly beans!). That really typifies the spirit in the squad.
LK – How does it feel to win your first Irish seniors title?
JJK – It’s great. It is a bit strange to have been World Champions before winning our own Championship but while nothing will ever beat that afternoon in Copenhagen, this came mighty close. Before stepping onto the ice for the final game I reminded the guys how lucky we all are to be participating in a national championship and we should really enjoy these moments. You never know if you will experience it again. Sometimes you just lose sight of the bigger picture and a big part of our team has always been trying to enjoy the moment. I think we managed that for the 5th game and it paid decent dividends.
LK – And preparation between now and April?
JJK – Nothing planned, I think we need to savour this and maybe have a wee celebration event when my alcohol fast is over. Eventually there will be practice..lots of it!!

The Toorie Band

THE recent success at senior level of all those crack junior curlers from 30 – or more – years ago has brought some entertaining photographs to light.

The rattle of loft ladders has been heard all over South West Scotland this spring and torches have been shone deep into the ‘glory holes’  of remote whitewashed farmhouses as dusty photo albums have been retrieved.
This one has to be my absolute favourite, starring the incoming ICA President on the far right.
Ah, the 70s – when top curlers wore woolly jumpers, crimplene trousers and curling shoes with heels. The decade that style forgot.
Was there ever a better example…….
Neale and Andrew McQuistin, John Sharp and PJ Wilson head off to Canada for the world junior championships in 1975.

Neale and Andrew McQuistin, John Sharp and PJ Wilson head off to Canada for the world junior championships in 1975.