Mixed Doubles scores

Round Robin Game 1: Neil Fyfe / Alison Fyfe vs John Furey / Louise Kerr 12-2
Round Robin Game 2: Neil Fyfe / Alison Fyfe vs Alan Mitchell / Katie Kerr 11-3
Round Robin Game 3: John Furey / Louise Kerr vs Alan Mitchell / Katie Kerr 11-5
MixedDoublesFinalistsSemi-Final: John Furey / Louise Kerr vs Alan Mitchell / Katie Kerr 6-4
Final: Neil Fyfe / Alison Fyfe vs John Furey / Louise Kerr 7-8
MixedDoublesWinnersMixedDoublesPresentationOne very knackered blogger here away for a long, hot bath but looking forward to the World MD’s in April. Report, pictures and…….video interview tomorrow!

Draw for the Irish Mixed Doubles Championship 2013

DumfriesIceBowl-PeckyThree teams will compete in the mixed doubles championships at Dumfries Ice Bowl this weekend.

Team A – John Furey & Louise Kerr
Team B – Neil Fyfe & Alison Fyfe
Team C – Alan Mitchell & Katie Kerr

Saturday, 7th December 2013

  • 10am – A v B /
  • 2pm – B v C /
  • 6pm – C v A

The teams ranked second and third after the round-robin will play a semi-final at 9.30am on Sunday, 8th December, and the winner will then play the team ranked first after the round-robin at 1.30pm in the final.

The winners will represent Ireland in the World Mixed Doubles at Dumfries Ice Bowl, April 23 -30, 2014.

DumfriesIceBowl-CurlingLiveThe games may be broadcast online via Dumfries Ice Bowl’s Live Streaming channel.

Reigning champs’ new team take to the ice

Peter WilsonThe current Irish Senior Mens Champions, skipped by Peter Wilson, took to the ice for the first time this season when taking part in a weekend competition at Stranraer Ice Rink last weekend. The new look team, with David Smith replacing Neil Fyfe, played four games over two days. PJ Wilson and Tom Roche remain on the team at third and lead.

The Saturday games saw PJ Wilson in the team at third, but, as he was on duty at the ICA December bonspiel at Murrayfield on the Sunday, Irish Pete’s brother Philip came in at skip and Pete played third stones. In a final game, Pete played Phillip’s Stranraer Super League team, just losing out at the last end.

Afterwards Pete said: “It was good to get some practice in as we are behind Johnjo’s team with that and they have had the opportunity to play a fair few competitive games as well. David was the new guy in the team and he started off okay. I am trying to look at things he does like the line he delivers and his sweeping style. Overall I would say our performance was average but I am not looking to far ahead at the moment as this was only a handful of games but we got better as the weekend went on. We just missed out in the last game against Philip and the nature of the game  – against my brother – meant we were sharper.

“Looking ahead we”ll be fine against Johnjo’s team at the playdowns in January.  They will be the favourites, but it’s all down to how you  play on the day and we’ll now get another practice session in between Christmas and New Year.”

ICA December Bonspiel

Held at Murrayfield Ice Rink in Edinburgh on Sun 1st December 2013.

For this bonspiel, attending members were divided up into six rinks who are drawn to play against one other rink.

Arran Cameron, Mary Radcliffe, Cron Mackay & Liz Knox
Craig Whyte, Paul Cromey, Helen Wilson & Elizabeth MacKay
Arran Cameron’s team won 8-2 and is the overall winner
Alan Mitchell,  John Burns, Susan Scotland & Frances Donald
Peter Wilson, Ian Donald, Steve Callan & Clare McCormick
Alan Mitchell’s team won 9-5
Bill Gray, Alison Fyfe, Bill Radcliffe & Isla Kinnear
John Furey, David Hume, Ann Wilson, Nathan Furey
Both teams peeled 5-5

Ireland V New Zealand – Paddy’s Revenge?

After the heartbreak of the rugby last weekend in Dublin between Ireland and the All Blacks, Irish curlers will get the chance to exact some revenge this week when taking on the New Zealand mens curling team at The Peak in Stirling.

New-Zealands-menThe Kiwis – Peter de Boer, Sean Becker, Scott Becker, Kenny Thomson and  alternate Philip Dowling –  are in Europe to play for the remaining Olympic berths available at the qualifying competition in Fussen, Germany beginning December 10. To get some ice time in they have travelled to Scotland and will take on our very own Johnjo Kenny, Alan Mitchell, James Russell and Aaron Cameron at 3pm on Wednesday.